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Our Process

Fulfilled with Maximum Accuracy.

Truck and Warehouse


Full Slate of Receiving Services

  • Product Inspection

  • Verification of Contents

  • Matching BOL/Truck Manifests

  • Pallet Replacement, Shrink Wrap, Banding Services and more available

  • Physical inventory receipts/verification

  • Exception and damage reporting

  • All transactions visible by clients in real-time

Inbounding Services

Items are scanned into our Conveyorware Software and assigned designated warehouse locations.

  • Scanning items into Conveyorware Software  automatically emails our customers when we have received their goods.

  • Item location assignments  position your goods for quick and easy order fulfillment.

  • Customized packaging and labeling.

Outbound Orders

Send Orders from Your Web Store,
Desktop or  FTP

  • Instant email notifications as your goods are scanned out in real-time.

  • Orders received by 11 am go out by 3 pm. (limitations may apply)

  • We adhere to the guidelines of FIFO, LIFO,  item and serial specific and other protocols. We are equipped to follow any inventory guidelines you require. 

  • Items being scanned out are verified against the order sheets for shipment accuracy.

  • Multiple BOL's, Pro Numbers, Truck Manifests and other shipping records are captured and transmitted to you. We work in unison with your preferred carrier.

  •  Visibility and tracking provided from start to finish.

  •  All orders arrive with the required documentation.

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