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Low Cost

Customized Services
For Spectrum Clients 

At Spectrum Warehousing we meet the many demands our clients have. Whether it's specific label placement to ensure car parts can be scanned on assembly lines, or pre-assembly for install goods set to go on-site.


From Automotive to Commercial Installs,   We've Do it All.
All Encompassing
All Encompassing


Barcode-based inventory control to ensure complete accuracy.

Quality Control

Item inspection and sequencing 

A female employee doing QC


  • Display Assembly

  • Inner & Master Pack

  • Pallet Configuration

Truck Scheduling

  • Rate Shopping

  • Carrier Discounts

  • Flexible Scheduling

Pick and Pack

  • Large Volume Auto Shipping

  • Custom Packaging Available

  • Consumer - Retail - Distribution Center

Warehouse Shelves from Above

More Services

Call for a quote -- We Will Make it Happen For YOU

Truck and Warehouse

Full-Service Distribution

Make sure orders always arrive with the correct documentation.

Transportation Management

Manage pickups and deliveries that meet the demands of a fluctuating marketplace.

We ship via:

  • United Parcel Service (UPS)

  • US Postal Service (USPS)

  • FedEx

  • Common Carriers

Easy access to docks ensure no time is wasted  loading and unloading. 

Full-Service Fulfillment

Let Spectrum Warehousing receive and handle all of your online orders.  We provide fulfillment and bar code labeling services for:

  • Consumers

  • Retail level

  • Distribution centers

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